Aarjay International Signs Distribution Agreement with TechSAT GmbH

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Munich, Germany, and Bangalore, India

Aarjay International Pvt Ltd has signed a new distribution agreement with TechSAT GmbH, an expert in integration and verification equipment, to market and sell TechSAT products in India. Effective as of April 01, 2017, the agreement covers (i) data loading tools including Portable Data Loaders (PDL) and data loading applications (NetLoader™, A665 MediaCreator™), (ii) bus & I/O products, and (iii) avionics simulations.

TechSAT PDLs are used by airlines, MROs, avionics equipment suppliers, and aircraft manufacturers for the electronic distribution and storage of software parts and aircraft data. The PDLs enable ARINC 615/603 and ARINC 615A data loading via standard aircraft data loading connectors across Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and Bombardier fleets. TechSAT GARDT® technology for secure data loading according to Airbus security requirements is available as an optional feature. NetLoader™ is an ARINC 615A compliant data loader for loading ARINC 665 compliant software parts on target LRUs and is used to test data loading functionality implementation. The A665 MediaCreator™ is a utility for creation, formatting, and testing of ARINC 665 media sets from raw user software payloads.

Jayram Ramachandran, Deputy General Manager of Aarjay International comments: «We are delighted to partner with TechSAT to promote their impressive product portfolio in India. The Indian airline industry is one of the most exciting in the world with a very robust growth forecast for the next two decades. TechSAT data loaders, which are certified by Airbus and recommended by Boeing, are certainly the right products for this burgeoning market. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with TechSAT.»

Jasmine Eggert, Sales and Marketing Manager at TechSAT, continues: «We are very happy to work with the team of Aarjay. For us it is important to have a reliable partner that can support our customers on site. We have been working with Aarjay for some time now and are very pleased with their way of doing business. They have become well known with our products and are very customer-oriented. We look forward to continue working with Aarjay in the future.»

About Aarjay International

Aarjay International Pvt Ltd is a diversified technology solutions company with more than 25 years of dedicated service to its customers. The company provides test & measurement solutions, HiL simulators, mechanical engineering consulting & services, and avionics solutions to more than 500 customers in aerospace, defense, telecom, automotive, and industrial sectors. Aarjay has a strong sales and support team with offices that are strategically located all around India to serve the customer locally. The company has forged long term strategic partnerships with several Principals based in USA and Europe, and thus is able to offer prompt and high quality support.

Visit www.aarjay.com for more information.

About TechSAT

Since 1986 TechSAT GmbH has been a reliable and competent partner of the aerospace industry, supporting aircraft systems development, integration, test, and maintenance with state-of-the-art equipment and services. As an expert for integration and verification equipment, TechSAT was a major supplier for most large aerospace programs of the last two decades, among others Airbus A340, A380, A350, A400M, Boeing 777, 787, EFA, Tiger, COMAC C919, and UAC MC-21.

Visit http://www.techsat.com for more information.

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