Test Means Services

Automated vs. manual testing – make a competent decision

You want to improve your efficiency in your core competency of system design and implementation?

Based on our long-term experience in creating and delivering test means for integration, verification, and validation as well as in designing embedded systems, we are able to provide all related services to our customers. Our solutions for your IV&V activities are based on the modular and scalable ASD2 technology platform and our additional (compatible) products. Our services related to test means and solutions for continuous integration, verification and validation over the entire system life cycle are:

  • Requirement engineering for IV&V means based on customer operational requirements
  • Implementation of test automation tool chains
  • Design and implementation of the customer optimized reconfigurable test environment
    • Test systems
    • Virtualization systems
    • Target emulators
    • Target prototypes
    • Test facilities with various test systems
  • Installation and commissioning of test systems at the customer
  • Tool qualification support
  • Test system training for customer staff
  • Operation of test systems and facilities on behalf of customer
  • Maintenance of test systems at the customer’s site