First Flight of UAC’s MC-21 Showcases TechSAT’s Avionics Test and Integration Platform

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Munich, Germany

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Russia has successfully completed the maiden flight of its new MC-21-300 commercial aircraft at the airfield of Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP), an affiliate of Irkut Corporation (a UAC member).

Being a modern aircraft, the MC-21 incorporates a large number of computer-controlled systems that automate and support safety-critical flight functions. This flight was the first “wheels-up” test of their capabilities. While this may have been the first time the on-board avionics and computers have been tested in flight, they have been successfully integrated and tested on the ground thanks to TechSAT’s Avionics Development System ADS2. This platform enabled UAC-IC (UAC’s Integration Center)  to ensure the correct functioning of all avionic computers prior to the first flight test. Features, functions, and various operational scenarios were all tested during every phase of the design and development to ensure maximum safety and superior performance of the on-board avionic computers. TechSAT is proud to be part of the MC-21 program.

«TechSAT solutions were designed and built on schedule; so we were able to finish the test rigs on time», commented Victor Sinitsyn, head of section at the UAC Integration Center. «ADS2 is a powerful, flexible, and yet stable product, which allowed us to perform all tests required. ADS2 always works as stated in the documentation and advertisement. Its functionality is 100% reliable. TechSAT employees are open and skilled to fit customer needs even if these are not included in the base contract.»

Marco Häde, director of operations at TechSAT, added: «The special feature of TechSAT’s solutions for the MC-21 simulation systems is that they integrate all the LRUs involved and the cockpit into a real hardware-in-the-loop setup. Collaboration with the UAC Integration Center was particularly trustworthy and extremely constructive.»

About UAC

The United Aircraft Corporation was established as a joint stock company to consolidate Russia’s main aviation assets in accordance with the RF President’s decree of February 20, 2006.
UAC is among the world’s leading players in aviation uniting more than 30 leading Russian companies – design bureaus, manufacturing, and service plants.

UAC’s companies carry out a full range of services – from aircraft development to service, and utilization – owning the rights to such world-renowned brands as Sukhoi, MiG, Ilyushin, Tupolev, Beriev, as well as new brands – SSJ 100 and MC-21.

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About TechSAT

Since 1986 TechSAT GmbH has been a reliable and competent partner of the aerospace industry, supporting aircraft systems development, integration, test, and maintenance with state-of-the-art equipment and services. As an expert for integration and verification equipment, TechSAT was a major supplier for most large aerospace programs of the last two decades, among others Airbus A340, A380, A350, A400M, Boeing 777, 787, Eurofighter Typhoon, Tiger, COMAC C919, and UAC MC-21.

Since 2015 TechSAT is part of the French NEXEYA group, an industrial group with 900 employees and a turnover of 133 million.

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