Maiden Flight of China’s C919

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Congratulations to COMAC for their successful maiden flight of the Chinese C919! TechSAT is proud that we could contribute to this success with development support and IV&V means for the SAVIC Cockpit Display System.

TechSAT has been working with SAVIC on the ambitious C919 CDS development project. Together we faced the challenge of adhering to an almost impossible schedule. It was therefore decided to start verification in parallel to model development. All measures were taken to accelerate the development to a maximum, right from the start. Through rigorous test-driven development, automated data processing, and parallel use of 15 Model Development and Verification Systems (MDVS) plus five Single Device Integration Benches (SDIB), it was possible to create a complete, integrated CDS prototype within nine months. Later, two Full System Integration Benches (FSIB) were added for integration and verification.