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Aerospace Testing International Showcase 2017

Improving flight tests

Using integrated process management and test planning software tools at the beginning of aircraft development or upgrade programs creates a holistic flight test strategy that saves time and money

Aerospace Testing International December 2016

Middleware made easy

Future test platforms will be based on smart and modular middleware to fulfill customer needs over the entire product lifetime

Aerospace Testing International Showcase 2016

On a Grand Scale

Huge test facilities such as the A350 XWB Cabin0 are used to execute integration, validation, and verification measures for modern aircraft systems

Aerospace Testing International June 2015

Integrating Navigation

A high-frequency interface for flight simulation allows integration of navigation systems, further extending TechSAT’s test system technology platform

Aerospace Testing International April 2015

Boosting Vo

Boosting the velocity of development in the early project phases with suitable test methods saves time and money

Aerospace Testing International Annual Showcase 2015

Development Companionship

Modern aircraft equipment development has to be supported by tests tailored to the needs of specific development phases

Aerospace Testing International Annual Showcase 2014

Integrating the Net

Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) will be the backbone
of a centralized aircraft data communication network

Aerospace Testing International Annual Showcase 2013

Closing the Net

As aircraft become more and more complex, new concepts are looking at large-scale system network integration

Aerospace Testing International Dec 2009

Life in the FAST Lane

FAST is an Ethernet attached I/O subsystem composed of self-contained modules for signal processing, simulation, monitoring, and routing between UUT, original equipment, and test system

Aerospace Testing International Sept 2009

One-to-one with Dieter Konnerth, Director R&D, TechSAT GmbH

“Within the next decade we will see a virtual aircraft, completely tested before the first metal is cut”

Aerospace Testing International March 2009

A350 Cabin Integration

TechSAT has been selected by Airbus Germany to provide the test facilities for the A350 cabin integration and verification

Avionics Magazine Tech Report 9/2004

Testing Technology for the Validation and Integration of Avionics Systems

What testing equipment is required for the development of today’s highly technical avionics systems? Modularity and COTS is important to provide flexibility, growth potential and efficiency.