Collaborate. Innovate.

You have to implement your highly complex products and innovations in ever faster cycles? With a spirit of trusted collaboration and teamwork we can achieve great innovations. We all need to gather around us the people who care about us and support us in our challenges.

The transportation industry is known for high standards and demanding projects. Nevertheless, this industry is also experiencing increasing pressure to innovate, which ultimately is due to their customers’ desire for new functions, improved efficiency, and additional passenger comfort. In order to meet this balancing act of short product cycles in conjunction with the requirements for safety-critical applications, an inter-branch collaboration is becoming more and more important.

For us it is a basic principle that we offer our services in close cooperation with our international partners to be able to surprise our common customers with additional services and offers. On the one hand, we can offer you the reliability of experienced companies with outstanding competence and innovative products. On the other hand, the knowledge of tomorrow is also available to you through our cooperation with universities and research institutions.

We provide you with the optimal team to achieve the best results for you or together with you.

Some examples of standardization activities and process experiences of our team members, e.g. for our aerospace customers :

  • Detailed knowledge of FAA/EASA regulations such as FAR/CS 21/23/25
  • EASA approved certification verification engineers (CVE – equivalent to FAA DER) for autopilot, navigation, communication, indication & recording, IMA, and software/electronic hardware
  • Member of the former EUROCAE working group WG-60 “Integrated Modular Avionics”
  • Member of the EUROCAE working group WG-63 “Certification Consideration for Highly Integrated & Complex Systems”
  • International member of the AIAA GNC Technical Committee
  • Member of the CEAS GNC Technical Committee
  • Head of the German subcommittee on flight control
  • Co-author of DO178C and supplements
Some examples of development activities and management experiences of our team members, e.g. for our aerospace customers:

  • Technical managers with responsibility for contractual negotiation with major avionics suppliers, such as Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Thales, and Diehl
  • Responsible for the overall validation and verification activities
  • Responsible for the testing activities related to all major ATA chapters – laboratory, ground, and flight testing activities
  • Several years of industrial experience in flight control law design, simulation, assessment, and evaluation
  • Independent assessment of flight dynamics, stability, and control issues for the German government
  • Experience in model-based development of flight control algorithms
  • Extensive experience in supporting avionics development programs in emerging industries
Our People

With many cultures come many talents. Not only do we speak your language, we also combine the competence, experience, and passion to find the best possible solutions for your needs.

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Partner Network

No single company, no matter how well managed, can create the diversity, robustness, and responsiveness as a partnership that is committed to shared values and the same goals.

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