Aircraft Level Integration

The magic and wonder of flight

You are responsible for making flying possible? We support you so that your system engineering and your effort look like magic and wonder for others. Mastering integration complexity is our passion.

Aircraft functions are more and more integrated with the systems they are built of. On the one hand, the expansion of aircraft functions across multiple systems offers economic advantages. On the other hand, the increasing complexity leads to a higher number of error sources.

The comprehensive integration of systems at aircraft level in the laboratory is an essential activity to prove that the systems behave just like in the aircraft, both individually and in unison.

Our ADS2 technology platform provides the capability to create huge test facilities built as a cluster of multiple system integration benches (SIB). Each SIB provides the capability to verify single systems, and in a cluster configuration the fulfillment of inter-system requirements can be shown. With the built-in ADS2 virtualization feature, the test facilities can be installed and integrated step by step with the availability of original equipment, prototypes, or system simulations.
The early setup of a test facility on aircraft integration level gives the opportunity to discover unintended functions and to eliminate them. It also allows integration of commercial off-the-shelf cockpit and avionic suites with aircraft-specific designed equipment.

A350 Cabin0 Testing Facility
A350 Cabin0 Testing Facility
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