Development – Virtual Integration

Save early, save often

You are concerned about the uncertainty of your high-tech system development? Top athletes use visualization techniques as part of training and competition. Top developers rely on our virtualization environment to realize their competitive system designs.

It is common sense that during development the most money can be saved by the early detection of errors. Model-based technologies and virtualization are the means of choice to achieve this goal and to enhance the systems engineering activities – requirements, architecture, design, integration, analysis, verification, and validation – from the first concept throughout development and later life cycle.

For such an approach we provide the ADS2 middleware, which allows you to virtually integrate and validate your system models right from the beginning of the development process. Strong simulation and real-time capabilities of ADS2 allow setups for virtual integration and extensive support of model-based methods.
You can start with behavior models derived from the first system requirements to validate the quality of your requirements. Using our ADS2/TPM tools allows you formal testing and concurrent engineering from the beginning of your development. All results can be reused on the next levels of the development process.

On each process level, ADS2 enables you to continuously integrate the more detailed models to the overlying system and to verify the expected behavior of the virtually integrated models.

ADS2 also allows hybrid configurations in hardware-in-the-loop test systems. You can easily replace parts of your virtual system with original equipment. This way you integrate, validate, and verify your physically available products while the remaining system is simulated.

TechSAT supports virtual integration based on ADS2 over the entire development life cycle:

  • Model Development & Verification Systems (MDVS) for early host-based virtualization
  • Target emulators with COTS hardware and target OS emulation for software model integration and communication testing
  • Hardware-in-the-loop test systems from equipment to system level
Model Development and Verification System (MDVS)
Model Development and Verification System (MDVS)

Start using the ADS2 tool chain with model-based virtual integration.

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