Equipment Level Integration

Small and portable self-contained equipment level test systems

The development of embedded systems usually bears a number of risks and uncertainties that stem solely from the technical complexity of these systems. For the early engineering phases, TechSAT therefore offers several approaches to control such complex relationships.

For detailed information, see Virtual Integration and Prototyping.

Integration and verification on equipment level remain a time-consuming challenge because the technological and normative requirements are extensive. To meet this challenge, we offer our customers the MAYA family, an ADS2-based technology platform based on which equipment-specific test systems can be quickly supplied. The MAYA family allows us to utilize the worldwide proven technology of our large-scale test benches also in compact and modular desktop systems with equipment-specific interfaces and breakout panels. This design keeps preparation and training of equipment developers or testers short so they can quickly start working on the target system.

One goal in the design of the MAYA family aimed at creating a cost-efficient test platform that would allow our customers to procure multiple test systems. Thanks to the resulting parallel testing capability, integration and verification efforts can be accomplished in less time.

Needless to say, the MAYA family also supports our seamless test platform for automated testing and test data management. As part of the test-driven development, tests that originate from previous phases can be further used and refined for equipment integration and verification. MAYA test systems are applied most effectively when already used at an early development stage together with equipment simulators or prototypes.

MAYA™ – Multipurpose Automated System Test Appliance

MAYA™ is a compact and highly flexible system for integration, production, and maintenance testing of avionics equipment.

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