Test Process Management

The TPM test environment provides realtime test execution through time-based or event-driven control, the latter being required for e.g. protocol testing. Realtime test execution fullfils the requirements of tests demanding testing to the limits while ensuring high accuracy. The graphical user interfaces of the TPM tools implement simple drag-and-drop operations and enable the user to build powerful test sequences intuitively and with little effort.

To establish the connections between system requirements and their corresponding test cases, TPM provides an import function of system requirements from requirements tools such as DOORS, or requirements files in CSV format. The import function automatically organizes the test plan according to the system requirement specification using the same number referencing. This ensures a close and traceable connection between each system requirement and its corresponding test case.

The TPM tools run on top of the TechSAT flagship software product, the Avionics Development System (ADS2). ADS2 is a realtime test and integration platform, which is in use on many aircraft programs including the A350, A400M, A380, and B787 programs. The TPM tools are a powerful suite of ADS2 add-ons, which also comprise data loading applications, bus analyzers, and protocol simulations.

Use Cases
  • Test, validation, and certification of electronic equipment
  • Integration, production, and maintenance testing
  • Complete management of the entire test life cycle
  • Easy graphical programming of any number of test scenarios
  • Fast and comprehensive automated test reports
  • Seamless integration with ADS2
Key Features
  • Integrated suite of GUI tools for optimum test engineer workflow
  • Complete import and update of DOORS requirements
  • Intuitive Visual Programming Language (VPL)
  • Visual realtime test execution engine
  • SQL-based signal database browser
  • Highly customizable test report content and appearance
  • Fully scriptable test compilation, execution, and report through batch jobs

Technical Data

Supported Software
  • Linux CentOS 7 64 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Windows 10 64 bit
Supported Hardware and Protocols
  • AFDX®
  • ARINC 664/787 AFDX (Boeing)
  • ARINC 429
  • Analog I/O
  • CAN
  • Discrete I/O
  • MIL-STD-1553
  • RS-232 / 422 / 423 / 485
  • RSS (Resistor Sensor Simulation)
  • Synchro / Resolver