PDL Sync

Portable data loader synchronization
Use Cases

Used by airlines and MROs for

  • Central management of software parts for entire fleets
  • Electronic distribution of software parts to PDLs
  • Definition of aircraft configurations at tailsign level
  • Up-to-date software parts stored on the PDLs at any time
  • No management of software parts at PDL level (errors minimized, load time improved)
  • Eliminates need for physical media
  • Tracing and reporting of all data loading activities on entire fleets
  • Automatic verification of aircraft configurations and reporting of configuration issues
Key Features
  • Lightweight solution for Electronic Distribution of Loadable Software Aircraft Parts
  • User errors minimized, load time improved
  • Eliminates need for physical media
  • Up-to-date software parts stored at a central location and on individual PDLs
  • Load information for the entire fl eet collected from all PDLs and stored at a central location
  • Compatible with all PDL models (including secure GARDT PDLs)

Technical Data

Supported I/O
  • PDL Mk.II (PN 403474)
  • PDL Mk.III (PN 404562)
  • PDL M.II GARDT (PN 403475)
  • PDL Mk.III GARDT (PN 403561)
Operating System Options
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 32 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Linux (CentOS)
Part Number
  • 202189