Matlab Interface

Harnessing the power of MathWorks’ MATLAB/Simulink®

The MathWorks Simulink® is one of the most popular simulation packages used worldwide across many fields in many industries. As a member of the MathWorks Partner Program we are able to provide smart integration of TechSAT ADS2 into MATLAB/Simulink. This ads value for our customers by easy application of MATLAB/Simulink in heterogeneous integration, verification, and validation environments.

Use Cases
  • Host-based testing of MATLAB/Simulink® models
  • Integration of multiple MATLAB/ Simulink® models in a dynamic software-in-the-loop (SIL) environment
  • Validation of MATLAB/Simulink models during requirement engineering and implementation
  • Integration of MATLAB/Simulink® models with other models (e.g. from SCADE, Modelica) in a heterogeneous development enviroment
  • Support of MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink in DO-178B and DO-178C processes
  • Creation and validation of TPM test cases using simulation models
  • Easy to use for continuous model test and integration
  • Test case creation using MATLAB/Simulink instead of real hardware
  • Configuring test systems without the need for existing hardware
  • Getting to know the powerful ADS2 tool chain by using its integrated tools, such as Panel Editor
Key Features
  • Automated creation of ADS2 configuration files based on the MATLAB/Simulink model ports
  • Simple migration from Simulink to ADS2
  • Capability to run multiple instances of the same model in ADS2
  • Execution of stand-alone MATLAB models in ADS2
  • S-Function to support running MATLAB in parallel with ADS2 using Data Exchange

Technical Data

Supported Implementations
  • Stand-alone MATLAB models executed in ADS2 (RTW interface)
  • S-Function support
  • Supported and tested MATLAB versions (other versions upon request):
    • R2007a
    • R2011b
    • R2012a / R2012b
    • R2013a
    • R2014a / R2014b
    • R2015a / R2015b
    • R2016b
    • R2017a
    • R2018a
Operating System Options
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • CentOS real-time system
  • VxWorks