Technology Consulting

Collaboration is success

You want to continually expand your technological know-how or seek inspiration for the implementation of your technical solutions? We support you with consulting services and provide cooperation. For this purpose, we contribute the latest technological know-how and best-practice approaches. All of this is tailored to your needs.

With over 25 years of successful development of embedded solutions and a wide network of affiliated companies, universities, and well-respected experts, we are able to offer you optimized technical advice and support.


Our customers and partners appreciate our joint cooperation in expert teams from different specialist areas. In the aerospace industry we are well-known for our products and services and can provide expertise in supporting any kind of technical activities for all avionics and electrics ATA chapters, such as Auto Flight (ATA 24), Communication (ATA 23), Electrical Power (ATA 24), Flight Controls (ATA 27), Indicating/Recording Systems (ATA 31), Navigation (ATA 34), Integrated Modular Avionics (ATA 42), and Maintenance Computer (ATA 45). For our customers in the transportation industry we offer:

  • System development and integration
  • Software development
  • Hardware development
  • Model-based development
  • Tool chain implementation
  • Rapid prototyping for embedded systems


We are constantly improving our ability to develop technical systems to increase the value of our ADS2 technology platform to our customers and deliver the best results in development projects. Based on this know-how we are providing solutions optimized for our customer needs and requirements to supplement their technological expertise.


The transfer of knowledge to our customers is self-evident for us and is carried out according to simple rules. The technology developed on behalf of a customer and the developed know-how is transferred to the customer. We provide strict protection against know-how transfer between different customers.


We offer our overseas customers services for the coordination of German and European suppliers. This ranges from proposals for suitable technology, development, or production partners right up to their selection and monitoring on behalf of our customers. This also includes the support of our customers during negotiations as well as project handling with local suppliers.