A350 Cabin0

Our flagship installation – a superlative in many ways
Use Cases
  • The main purpose of the A350 Cabin0 testing factory is the integration of cabin related aircraft systems with focus on the electrical functions.
  • The test systems installed in the testing factory cover ATA chapters including ATA21 Air Conditioning, ATA23 Communications, ATA24 Electrical Power, ATA26 Fire Protection, ATA29 Hydraulic Power, ATA30 Ice Protection, ATA31 Indication and Recording System, ATA33 Lights, ATA35 Oxygen, ATA36 Pneumatic, ATA42 Integrated Modular Avionics, ATA44 Cabin Systems, ATA45 Diagnostic and Maintenance System, ATA46 Information System, and ATA52 Doors.
  • All test means can be used either as a cluster of test systems or in connection with the Cabin0 V&V platform, which is a full size cabin mockup with all systems fully functional.
  • Virtual flights with hours to weeks flight time for long endurance tests
  • Tens of thousands of test cases with up to 25 test engineers working in parallel
  • Operational tests with pilots using the cockpit simulator
  • Operational tests with full PAX with cabin mockup
Key Features
  • Networked real-time cluster of distributed Functional Integration Benches (FIB)
  • Modularity with single FIB/multiple FIB operation
  • Cluster concept with distributed I/O systems based on TechSAT’s unique FAST family

Technical Data

  • 30 networked real-time nodes
  • Over one million process variables
  • 10 ms real-time frame rate
  • All I/O types monitored and simulated
  • On-the-fly simulation/original equipment switching both on signal and system level
  • Onboard AC/DC electrical power system simulation
  • ADCN simulation and monitoring
I/O Types
  • Buses: AFDX®, CAN, A429, A717, Serial, Ethernet
  • Signals: analog with high accuracy, discretes
  • Sensors: resistive, proximity, LVDT
  • Special: audio, video
  • Power
Real and Simulated Systems
  • Mini cockpit
  • 60 simulated systems
  • 60 virtual user panels
  • 20 Enhanced Real AFDX® Switches (ERAS)
  • 20 real IMA controllers
  • 29 real cRDC
  • 14 real AFDX® switches
  • Many more real components, LRUs, actuators, sensors