Development / Prototyping

Tailored prototype solutions

A common bottleneck in the development of embedded devices or systems is the availability of the target platforms in the early stages of the development. TechSAT offers tiered solutions that join seamlessly with the validation systems of the early system engineering phase.

For the pre-integration of applications, we offer generic ADS2-based target simulators that replicate dedicated mechanisms of the target operating system and permit debugging of inter-process communication. Based on the ADS2 middleware we can apply automated testing tools, again very early in the development process, and thus insure the quality of the final product through the increased testing depth delivered by those tools.

Target simulators allow for a consequent continuation of test-driven development. Backed by many years of know-how and thanks to our own products, we can quickly build target simulators that are also fitted with data bus interfaces (e.g. A664, A429, A825/CAN) so the I/O communication of the applications can be tested as well. At this level of integration, our ADS2-based equipment test systems of the MAYA family, which are connected to the data bus interfaces of the target simulators, are employed for the first time. On these platforms, tests from the previous test development phase can be reused and refined. Again, all mechanisms of automated and manual testing are available.

Our in-house hardware and software development enables us to offer our customers the possibility of rapid prototyping. To this end, the target platform of the customer project is replicated as accurately as possible with readily available COTS products. Where these are lacking, the missing components are emulated by hardware and logic. The resulting target prototypes can be employed for the development of low-level software applications and board support packages. The I/O interfaces can be connected via a special harness to the same equipment test systems that have been used for the target simulators or that are intended for future real target equipment testing.