ED-247 Interface for ADS2
Use Cases
  • Connect VISTAS components directly to the ADS2 Cluster – This method allows you to treat the VISTAS components like a real LRU and test and investigate its behavior, or use the VISTAS component as part of your restbus simulation.
  • Connect ADS2 itself as a VISTAS component to any VHTNG Test Bench – With this method, you can integrate the ADS2 in your VHTNG environment and use all its benefits.
Key Features
  • Virtualize I/O without change of configuration
  • Bring virtual and real testing to the same platform
  • Use the same tests, simulations, and scripts to test the real and the virtual LRU
  • Support of A664, A429, A825, Discrete, Analog, and NAD

To realize the data exchange between virtual equipment items as close to the real world as possible, ED-247 defines a protocol to communicate avionic buses, signals, and non-avionic data (NAD) based on UDP-Ethernet messages.

Virtual Testing

Virtual testing offers a lot of well-known benefits for the development process. Early verification of the model and less need of hardware are just two of them. With the ADS2 VISTAS interface, we bring virtual and real testing to the same platform.

ADS2 Integration

The VISTAS driver application is using decoding and encoding part of the real I/O driver. Therefore, the configuration of the real I/O devices does not need to be modified for the VISTAS driver.

To switch from a real LRU to a virtual LRU, the real device has to be mapped to the respective ED-247 stream in the ECIC and the VISTAS driver has to be activated via a checkbox.

  • Full support of the ED-247 Rev. A standard
  • Based on ED247_LIBRAY published by Airbus on Github
  • Processing VISTAS data in real time
  • Use the same tests, simulations, and scripts to test the real and the virtual LRU
  • Continue using mature ADS2 configuration, or:
  • Generate configuration using TechSAT X-ACT
VHTNG Standard

The Virtual and Hybrid Testing Next Generation (VHTNG) standard describes the configuration format as well as the control and data exchange protocol for test benches of different vendors.

Supported Types
  • AFDX, A429, CAN
  • Discrete & Analog
  • Non-Avionic Data (NAD)

Technical Data

Hardware Requirements
  • Ethernet
Software Requirements
  • ADS2R4 > 4.10
  • DDA ≥ 2.2
    Operating System Options
    • Windows 10 64 bit
    • Linux 64 bit (CentOS7)
    • Other options on request
    Related Products
    • X-ACT (PN 202250)
    Part Number
    • 202262