General Purpose Automated Test Equipment (GP-ATE)

Let’s build a customized production test system for your equipment

GP-ATE is a fully automatic multi-purpose production test platform. It provides both signal and bus simulation as well as remote-controlled integrated data acquisition means. In combination with a customized equipment adaption, the GP-ATE provides full connectivity to any UUT pin and therefore performs the complete operational verification of your equipment with a single automatic test run.

By using a simple and easy-to-learn test script language, any acceptance procedure can be transferred to the system and be executed. This test script language reflects the ATLAS® standard and provides the typical statement set (e.g. SET, GET, VERIFY), the direct access to all test system resources, and their parameterization. Upon request it is also possible to adapt your existing test language.

Comprehensive means for editing, validating, and debugging are available if the acceptance procedure for your equipment remains to be developed. In this case we are ready to support you (see Technology Consulting).

Use Cases
  • Equipment production testing
  • Repair and overhaul testing
  • Equipment functional testing
  • Equipment electrical testing
  • Equipment LEMP testing
  • Full automatic test run
  • Clearly shorter test runs (compared to competitive production test systems)
  • Multiple equipment adaption capability
  • Flexible test script language usage
  • Open interface concept (ADS2)
  • High voltage test capability (LEMP)
  • Scalable customer-specific design
Key Features
  • Based on ADS2
  • Discrete and analog simulation
  • Avionics bus simulation
  • High accuracy data acquisition
  • Full cross-matrix connectivity between test system I/O and UUT
  • Automatic matrix routing algorithm
  • Multiple UUT adaption capability