Avionics Data Communication Network Test Bench
Use Cases
  • Integration of an ADCN
  • Verification of an ADCN
  • Performance tests
  • End-to-end timing analysis
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Template-based automatic test engine
Key Features
  • Simulation capability for 2×56 AFDX end systems
  • AFDX tapping of 2×64 end systems with microsecond precision
  • Front-accessible AFDX ports to connect additional equipment
  • Automatic switching between simulated and real equipment

Technical Data

System Under Test
  • 2×2 AFDX switches
  • 2x IMA cabinets
  • 56 dual-redundant AFDX end system simulations
Test System Equipment
  • 64 dual-redundant AFDX TAPs with hardware timestamping
  • Automated sim/real switching capabilities
TechSAT Platform Technology
  • ADS2
  • 16 real-time PCs, all synchronized to central time source
  • TechSAT I/O including TechSAT AFDX PMC and AFDX monitoring boards