C919 Cockpit Display System Functional Integration Bench

The C919 Cockpit Display System is a fairly complex system with multiple displays, control panels, and associated IMA , RDIU, and AFDX related components. To integrate and verify the CDS, TechSAT supplied two Functional Integration Benches (FIB) to the customer.
All CDS relevant signals are routed via a customized breakout that makes it very easy for the integration engineer, for instance, to make a measurement using the CAN D-sub TAP or the 2 mm connectors provided for all signals.

Use Cases
  • Integration and functional verification of entire C919 CDS
  • Performance tests
  • Error injection
  • HMI using cockpit mockup
  • Intuitive breakout with ICD-based labels
  • All signals, including the entire AFDX network, accessible at the front side of the test systems
  • Use of simulations to stimulate the System Under Test (SUT)

Technical Data

System Under Test
  • 5x Integrated Display Unit
  • 2x Multi-Function Keyboard
  • 2x Cursor Control Device
  • 2 Display Control Device
  • 1x Resource Control Panel
  • 2x IMA Cabinet
  • 4x Avionics Switches
  • 4x Remote Data Interface Units
  • 2x Head-Up Displays (HUDs)
Simulations (selection)
  • 3x IRU
  • Additional RDIUs
  • GPS sensors
TechSAT Platform Technology
  • ADS2
  • Real-time PCs
  • TechSAT and COTS I/O