Generic SIB

Multi-Purpose Test Bench
Use Cases
  • One test bench for multiple Units Under Test (UUT)
  • Various Test Unit Adapters (TUA) – one shared test platform
  • Many application areas, e. g. integration testing, production testing, etc.
  • Cost-effective solution for equipment suppliers
  • Save money and space
  • Easy and hassle-free configuration
Key Features
  • Full range of avionics I/O available
  • Third-party test tool integration for special test requirements
  • Scalable to meet growing demand

Technical Data

Implementation Examples
  • Multi-Program Troubleshooting Bench for OEM integration lab
  • Multi-Purpose Test Platform for avionics system and product development company
  • Multi-Purpose Mobile Simulator for cabin system development company
Software Options
  • ADS2 – Test Engine and Middleware
  • TPM – Test Process Management
  • FAL Tester – Graphical User Interface
Operating System Options
  • Windows 7 64 bit and newer
  • CentOS 7 based real-time Linux 64 bit