A380 In-flight Entertainment System (IFE) Simulation
Use Cases
  • Test and validation of the data exchange between CIDS and IFE
  • Qualification/certification of CIDS/IFE interface
  • Replacement of a real IFE equipment director using a laptop/computer
  • Recording and analysis of the ARINC 429 data traffic
  • Loading of configuration data from files
  • Protocol error stimulation
Key Features
  • Configuration using stand-alone panels
  • Loading of configuration data from files
  • Exchange of cabin layout data
  • Reception of update requests from CIDS
  • Transmission of service requests to CIDS
  • Monitoring of cyclic labels and protocol
  • Full ARINC 429 data logging
  • Optional hardware emulation of the keylines
  • Protocol error stimulation

Technical Data

Hardware Requirements
  • A429-USB-NT-2TX4RX (PN 403557)
  • A429-USB-NT-4TX8RX (PN 403568)
Operating System Options
  • Windows 7 32 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit
Part Number
  • 202008