Fault Insertion and Breakout 2nd Generation

After supplying the original FIBO for a variety of integration and test systems for nearly two decades, TechSAT has developed FIBO2G providing the same functionality plus enhancements in an even smaller form factor. It is an integral part in efficient testing using automated test methods.

FIBO2G automates the above mentioned electrical tests under full control of the ADS2 environment. Being totally software controlled, it can also be used in automated tests performed, for instance, by TechSAT TPM. Usually, the test systems fitted with FIBO2G also include digital multimeters, which then can be used to automate measurements of voltages, currents, etc.

No Limitations

If these integrated measurement devices and FIBO2G error injection capabilities do no suffice, additional external equipment can be easily connected using the 2 mm front-facing breakouts. This equipment can then be connected to all signals to provide measurements on all of them – again under total software control. Alternatively, a high-level programming interface can be used if it is to be used without ADS2.

Use Cases
  • Board level testing during development using manual breakouts or additional external measurement equipment
  • Automated testing using TPM or other automated test solutions
  • Aircraft LRU unit testing at first tier system suppliers
  • Automotive ECU unit testing
  • System and functional integration testing at airframer
  • Manual breakout and test access points
  • Automated signal line failure simulation
  • Automated connection and analysis of measurement equipment
  • Automation of electrical error injections using TPM or other automated test solutions
  • Various external devices accessible by automated test equipment
  • Software controlled under ADS2 with GUI or by standalone API available
Key Features
  • Manual and automated breakout and routing for small signals up to 1 A, and for power signals up to 6 A within the same device
  • 16 channels per BRM, 14 BRM per crate (plus 6 High Power BMRs)
  • Cascadable for up to 4 crates to create one functional FIBO2G system
  • Total of 896 channels per FIBO2G system
  • 8 independent fault insertion buses per system
  • Built-in open, short, and resistance function
  • Any other failure injection or measurement possible through external device access