ARINC 429 Bus Analyzer and Simulation Tool
Use Cases
  • Quick and easy monitoring and simulation of ARINC 429 signals in development, testing and trouble shooting.
  • Avionic equipment suppliers, airframers, MROs.
  • Industry standard since 1993
  • Easy to use – A429 demystified
  • Includes comprehensive LRU data base
Key Features
  • Overall functional concurrency (recording, monitoring, transmission)
  • Definition of LRU databases
  • Custom word format definitions
  • Sub-labeling permitting multiple use of same label number
  • Transmit functions (sine, step, ramp, list) assignable to any parameter
  • Data replay of recorded or imported data
  • Realtime re-transmission of manipulated receive data (offset, factor, mask)
  • Realtime graphical monitoring through virtual instruments (meter, bar graph, single LED, and multi LEDs)
  • DataView – versatile utility for analyzing recorded data

Technical Data

BAST Main Features
  • Simultaneous multiple channel acquisition and transmission capabilities with configurable speed, parity, and Tx mode (burst vs. optimized)
  • Unrestrained definition of word formats beyond ARINC 429 DITS standard
  • Definition of UUT LRU database (pre-defined database on demand)
  • Sub-labeling permitting multiple use of same label number
  • Enhanced session and setup file concept allowing loading and saving of entire session scenario, including all windows and loaded files
  • Transmission definition with automatic schedule check and optimization
  • Quick Look of overall bus activity
  • Raw and interpreted data monitoring
  • Real-time graphical monitoring through mapping of parameters to virtual instruments (single/multiple scroll graphs, meter, single/multiple LEDs, vertical/horizontal bar)
  • Data recording with optionally preset maximum label number, file size, and recording time
  • Label acquisition filters and triggers on data
  • Status Window providing overall system states information
  • DataView offline tool: powerful stand-alone data browser and analyze utility providing data selections, multiple sort and search functions, ASCII export and import, and free configuration of the DataView displays down to parameter level
  • Libraries available as DLL
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Transmit functions (sine, step, ramp, list) for dynamic data transmissions
  • Data replay of previously recorded data
  • Real-time re-transmission of manipulated (offset/factor/mask) receive data (logical error injection and label substitution)
Hardware Requirements
  • 1 or more A429 interfaces
  • Options available from TechSAT:
    • A429-USB-NT-2Tx/4Rx (PN 403557)
    • A429-USB-NT-4Tx/8Rx (PN 403568)
Operating System Options
  • Windows 7 32 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit
Part Number
  • 202001