AFDX® Suite

AFDX Explorer – AFDX Monitor – AFDX Switch – AC-SIM (Aircraft Simulation)
for AFDX simulation, manipulation, and analysis

The AFDX® Suite combines all analysis and simulation capabilities required for design, testing, and production purposes both for mobile and stationary use.

The AFDX® Suite is also available in a version for use on a mini PC (ARM CPU) such as Banana Pi, Rasberry Pi, Odroid C1, etc.

The AFDX® Suite consists of the following software components:

The AFDX® Suite is a product of EC Comp GmbH. For support and maintenance, please contact EC Comp directly.

Use Cases
  • AFDX System simulation, analyze, and monitoring
  • Import multiple ICDs and conversion into one XML file
    ICD = Interface Control Document
  • Development of an AFDX interface in an LRU
  • Qualification/certification of AFDX interfaces and systems
  • Analyze Wireshark capture files (offline mode usage)
  • Replacement of real AFDX equipment in testing labs and factories
  • Hardware functional verification at repair/maintenance stations
  • Reporting function incl. graphical depiction
  • Logging function for all selected AFDX values
  • 1-to-1 replacement of real AFDX systems using a notebook or PC
  • Purchasing expensive AFDX hardware is no longer necessary
  • Possibility to emulate different AFDX system with direct and multiple Airbus ICD Import (ICD = Interface Control Document)
  • BITE (Normal Mode), SID, and SNMP Decoders
  • Short setup time
  • Executable from a USB stick (Linux version only)
  • Programming interface with AC-SIM (Aircraft Simulation)
Key Features
  • Full multi-input/output AFDX simulation according to ARINC 664 P7 / AFDX specification
  • Unlimited AFDX systems connected in parallel
  • Clear text displaying of the AFDX data with names, values, and the significance
  • Fully configurable with an intuitive GUI
  • Graphical depiction of the AFDX data
  • Event monitor for sporadic or rarely occurring events
  • AFDX data recorder for selected AFDX signals
  • Real-time and offline analysis of the A664 P7 / AFDX data
  • Decoding of protocol messages (BITE Normal Mode, SID, SNMP
  • AC-SIM programming interface supporting remote control of multiple AFDX server
  • Connection with up to two AFDX buses per AFDX server. Multiple systems with n AFDX buses possible

Technical Data

Supported I/O
  • Every Ethernet interface(s) supported by the operating system; purchasing expensive AFDX hardware no longer necessary
Operating System Options
  • Windows 7® 32 / 64 bit
  • Windows 8® 32 / 64 bit
  • Windows 10® 32 / 64 bit
  • Linux (Debian package) 32 / 64 bit
  • Rasberry Pi / Bananna Pi / Odroid C1 etc.
Part Number
  • 1015236 – AFDX Explorer
  • 1015238 – AFDX Monitor
  • 1015240 – AFDX Switch