AFDX Test Responder/Test Equipment

AFDX® interface verification test tool

The AFDX® TR/TE test tool consists of two software applications: the Test Responder (TR), which runs on the Unit Under Test (UUT), and the Test Equipment (TE), which runs on the test rig. The diagram below shows the architecture of the UUT and the test rig as well as their interconnection.

TE offers a number of interoperability test cases, based on the «Airbus End System Detailed Functional Specification (DFS)», to stimulate TR. The resulting AFDX® communication is recorded and compared with the expected behavior of the UUT’s AFDX® interface to verify its conformity with the Airbus DFS.

The test report generated by TE supplies the following information:

  • Type of test cases executed
  • Time of test run
  • Test result (successful/failed)
  • In case of errors, an analysis of the communication between test rig and UUT

The AFDX® TR/TE test tool is specifically designed for suppliers of controllers/LRUs to verify AFDX® compliance.

Use Cases
  • Verification of conformity of controllers/LRUs with AFDX® specification
Key Features
  • Test Responder (TR) software pre-implemented for TechSAT‘s AFDX® boards
    for modeling and demonstration purposes
  • Quick and easy adaptation of Test Responder (TR) to AFDX® interface
    of Unit Under Test (UUT)
  • Intuitive and easy-to-operate Test Equipment (TE) software
  • 27 interoperability Test Cases (TC) covering all aspects of AFDX® interface
    verification according to the «Airbus End System Detailed Functional Specification
  • Optional custom user test cases
  • Automatic test report with detailed TE/TR communication log for post-analysis

Technical Data

Hardware Requirements
  • AFDX®/ARINC 664 PMC module (PN 700008 or PN 702348-02)
Software Requirements
  • ADS2R2 – Avionics Development System 2G
Operating System Options
  • Windows 7 32 bit/64 bit
  • Windows 8 32 bit/64 bit
  • CentOS-based Linux 32 bit/64 bit
Part Number
  • 202052