ARINC 665/615A Configurable Data Loading Engine

The CDLE™ supports full ARINC 615A –1/-2 compliant data loading of Loadable Software Aircraft Parts (LSAP) for data loading of avionics LRU/LRMs via Ethernet according to the ARINC 615A standard. It provides a development tool and code source for integration of a A615A data loading capability into an existing or new LRU/LRM design.

Use Cases
  • Implementation of embedded data loading functionality on airborne equipment
  • Testing of data loading equipment and setups
  • Full implementation of an ARINC 615A target.
  • Fully compliant with all ARINC 615A and ARINC 665 standards.
  • Customizable interface to external loadable parts manager.
  • Complete solution for integration in existing or LRU design
Key Features
  • ARINC 615A compliant services
  • Multithreaded TFTP Engine
  • Static Configuration via command line parameters and configuration files
  • Dynamic Configuration via LSAP Manager SETUP call
  • Small Memory Footprint
  • CDLE™ Manager GUI for development and testing

Technical Data

Software Options
  • A665 MediaCreator fully compliant with ARINC 665-1/2 specifications (PN 202054)
  • A665-3 MediaCreator fully compliant with ARINC 665-3 specifications (PN 202126)
  • PortGate/AFDX® for data loading over AFDX® (PN 202041)
  • RDC787 Remote Data Concentrator for data loading over CAN (PN 202040)
  • A615A DPC Data Loading Protocol Checker (PN 202123)
Operating System Options
  • Linux
  • Windows 10
Part Number
  • 202039