ARINC 615A Data Loading Protocol Checker
Key Features
  • Handles ARINC 615A-2 operation, using the core of TechSAT‘s
  • ARINC 615A «NetLoader» data loader
  • Uses ARINC 665-2/3 compliant header file format for communication with target
  • Handles all ARINC 615A operations such as FIND, Information Operation, Upload Operation, Media Defined Download Operation, Operator Defined Download Operation
  • Supports protocol testing for on-board and off-board data loading
  • Pre-defined test cases for structured and easy usage
  • Pre-recorded Ethereal traces of all tests for analysis support
  • Test report generation

Technical Data

Software Requirements
  • A615A NetLoader (PN 202053)
  • PortGate/AFDX® for A615A over AFDX® (PN 202041)
  • AFDX NetLoader (PN 202121)
Hardware Requirements
  • AFDX-PMC card for A615A over AFDX®
  • A664-USB-NIC (PN 403748) for A615A over AFDX®
Operating System
  • Windows 10
Part Number
  • 202123