Extended Data Viewer

Analyze your data in more detail
Use Cases
  • Offline tool to display data files
  • In-depth analysis of test results
  • Conversion of data files to NI DIAdem
  • Software solution available for Windows and Linux, no AFDX hardware required
  • Fully compliant with ARINC664, ARINC 615A, and ARINC 665 standards
  • Graphical and scriptable versions
  • Additional engineering features
Key Features
  • Multiple files can be opened in separated data tables
  • Import of various data formats
  • Analyze signal data parameters concurrently in four specialized view windows (text and graph mode)
  • Decomposition of avionics bus messages into their protocol elements (AFDX, CAN, A429, MIL1553)
  • Partitioning of the source file into viewing segments for faster processing and browsing
  • Selection of individual signals from source files for viewing
  • Search for specific data items
  • Display of data subsets by applying filters
  • Export of complete source files or data subsets to file in multiple formats
  • Printouts of graphs
  • Customization of the GUI in multiple ways

Technical Data

Operating System Options
  • Linux
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 32 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit