ICD Manager

Control of an apparently living organism

The necessary adjustments of the ADS2 tool suite interfaces to customer ICD formats are state of the art. TechSAT’s approach is the automated test script generation out of each customer ICD database.

The ICD is used through many different phases of the aircraft development program as indicated in the diagram.

ICD Usage in Aircraft Development

In whichever form your ICD data is stored, we unify it under a well-proven TechSAT tool.

  • ICD Import from different sources
  • ICD Editing
  • ICD Verification
  • ICD Analysis
  • ICD Transformation
  • ICD Documentation
  • ICD Master Data Repository
  • ICD Access Control
  • ICD Configuration and Change Control
  • ICD Traceability
  • ICD Reuse Management

The highlight of our solution is the combination of two state-of-the-art environments to create an optimal solution for ICD management:

  • The power and high flexibility of  DOORS
  • An Eclipse based intuitive and feature rich user interface

An aircraft ICD consists of strongly typed data with a rather complex structure. To view and edit such data as well as to provide consistency checking and other analysis functions, a dedicated application is required which uses a topology model and a communication model of the aircraft systems managed in the ICD.

DOORS (IBM) is a tool specifically designed for requirements management. It covers aspects, such as traceability, version control, security (access control), change control, and data persistence and accessibility. DOORS is widely used, and it is recognized as a reference tool for aeronautic developments.

However, ICD information is usually not managed with DOORS. The reason lies in the specific nature of ICD information, which suggests other approaches more suitable than DOORS.

By combining data persistence, version and change control, traceability, security, and accessibility provided by DOORS with a user-friendly and feature rich client application, TechSAT’s ICD Manager is the ideal solution for ICD management.