ICD Manager

Complex Electronic Systems Design Tool
Major Functions
  • Physical layer data handling – e.g. units pin layout, bus connections, wiring schematics, etc.
  • Transport layer data handling – e.g. interface control documents data for ARINC 429, 653, 664, 825, MIL-1553, etc.
  • Logic and software layer data handling – e.g. signal path analysis and software 1/0 description
  • Automated document generation – e.g. interface control documents, wiring schematics, gateway configuration files
  • Powerful tools for data handling – e.g. export-import function (e.g. Excel, CSV), automated database population tools etc.
  • Significantly reduce the development effort for integrated systems and equipment complexes
  • Ensure automatic control of project data changes and their reflection in project documentation
  • Reduce design time by increasing the speed of access for design
    process stakeholders to current data and its changes
  • Minimize the amount of equipment and optimize the architecture of the complex through fail-safety evaluation at the early stages of development
  • Reduce design and certification risks by automating the use of
    existing regulations and certification requirements
  • Fully supported interface to VHNTG
Use Case Examples
System Design Groups
  • Automated Processes
    • Data handling and data consistency checks
    • Data transfer to/from other groups
    • Test cases generation (I/0 configuration)
  • ICD Manager Usage Advantages
    • Ease of data exchange between groups
    • Data transparency
Equipment Functionality Design Groups
  • Automated Processes
    • lnterface specification design
  • ICD Manager Usage Advantages
    • No need to check whether everything is ok with ICD
    • Transparency of parameters path
Wiring Schematics Design Group
  • Automated Processes
    • Structural and wiring schematics
  • ICD Manager Usage Advantages
    • No need to keep hand on system design activities: all changes are traced automatically
    • Fewer mistakes when transferring data from supplier documents to various documents
    • Any change or mistake is to be changed only once
    • No more need of making drawings: documents are generated automatically
Interface Control Documents Design Group
  • Automated Processes
    • > Transport layer data handling
    • Consistency checks and updates (including gateway configuration)
    • Document generation
    • Data concentrators requirements design for further use by software design groups
  • ICD Manager Usage Advantages
    • Labor input decrease
    • Consistency guaranty
    • No need to check generated data
Software Design Group
  • Automated Processes
    • List of inputs and outputs of SW is now part of data package they receive with specification
    • Generation of I/0 configuration (e.g. ARINC 429) can be automated with tools
  • ICD Manager Usage Advantages
    • Explicit and consistent data of software input-output configuration
Test (V&V) Group
  • Creation of ADS2 configuration with subsequent VHNTG tools
  • Complete ADS2 test suite for data validation and verification

Technical Data

Part Number
  • 202251