FMI Co-Simulation Adaptor Generator
Use Cases
  • Integrate FMI simulation on ADS2 realtime platform
  • All FMI 2.0 datatypes supported
  • Support of FMI 2.0 Co-Simulations
  • Automatic generation of all needed configuration files
  • Monitoring of FMU local variables in ADS2
    Key Features
    • Support of FMI 2.0 Co-Simulation based on FMU container
    • Automatic generation of all required ADS2 configuration files
    • Support of CVT aliases for automatic linking (e.g. by TechSAT X-ACT)
    • Optional generation of VHTNG-compliant state machine
    • CVT interface to control the simulation states
    • Local FMU variables can be monitored from ADS2
    • Generated ADS2 application supports both ADS2R4 scheduling modes: Fixed Frame Size and AFAP (as fast as possible)
    Datatypes and Variables
    • Support of all FMI 2.0 datatypes: real, integer, Boolean, string, enumeration
    Supported FMI Generation Tools

    The interface has been tested for FMUs generated from the following tools:

    • Openmodelica
    • FMI Toolbox from Modelon
    • 20-sim
    • DS_FMU_Export_from_Simulink
    • Dymola
    • ControlBuild
    • catia
    • Easy5
    • EcosimPro
    • FMUSDK
    • MapleSim
    • Mworks
    • Silver
    • SimulationXr

    Further tools can be evaluated on request.

    Technical Data

    Hardware Requirements
    • n/a
    Software Requirements
    • ADS2R4 > 4.8.0
    Operating System Options
    • Windows 10 64 bit
    • Linux 64 bit (CentOS7)
    • Other options on request
    Related Products
    • X-ACT (PN 202250)
    Part Number
    • 202228