ADS2 Simulink

ADS2 Simulink Adaptor Generator
Key Features
  • Automatic generation of all needed ADS2 configuration files out of the container exported from Simulink
  • Interaction between Simulink and ADS2 application on runtime via Simulink External Mode
  • Support of VHTNG state machine and configuration process
  • Support of all MATLAB versions since R2016b
  • Support of ADS2R4 scheduling modes (e.g. AFAP mode)s
ADS2 Container

The ADS2 application binary and the required configuration files can be automatically created from the stand-alone container and packed into an ADS2-specific container.

External Mode

ADS2 Simulink generator supports Simulink External Mode. External Mode allows interacting with the model executable from Simulink in runtime.

  • Automatic generation of ADS2 configuration files
  • Support of Make and CMake
  • Support of CVT aliases for automatic linking (e.g. with TechSAT’s X-ACT)
  • Logging of signals and modification of internal parameters during Simulink runtime using Simulink External Mode
  • Based on code generation with Simulink Coder (formerly Real-Time Workshop)
  • ADS2 executable interface is defined by the Simulink model input and output ports
  • Optional generation of VHTNG-compliant state machine
  • Generated ADS2 application supports both ADS2R4 scheduling modes: Fixed Frame Size and AFAP (as fast as possible)
Supported Architectures
  • ADS2 Simulink generator is available on Windows and Linux
  • Model library and ADS2 executable can be built on any ADS2-supported OS
  • Cross-compilation is available on Linux

Technical Data

Hardware Requirements
  • n/a
Software Requirements
  • All MATLAB versions above R2016b supported
  • ADS2R4 above 4.8.0
Operating System Options
  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Linux 64 bit (CentOS7)
  • Other options on request
Part Number
  • 202259